Tameside Karate

Grading Levels

The grade you will be on joining the Dojo the at will be 9th Kyu.

If you have learnt Karate previously and gained a number of belts then please discuss with Sensei Julian Mallalieu on joining and you may be assessed during the next grading to determine your entry level grade.

Grading colours and schemes differ between organisations. You will notice that there is no RED belt in our organisation. These are reserved for Junior Dan grades [Black belts].

You may also notice that the Kata order differs slightly to other Karate organisations with Pinan Shodan being be 3rd Pinan [Heian] Kata that is learnt. Shihan Demura decided to move the order slightly to assist with flow of skills learnt at lower levels.

More importantly, just because you have learnt your Kata and achieved your grade does not mean that you should stop practicing it. You will continuously have to demonstrate the Kata that you know (and should know).

Rank: 9th Kyu (White)

Rank: 8th Kyu (Yellow)
Kata for Grading: Kihon Kata
Rank: 7th Kyu (Orange)
Kata for Grading: Pinan Nidan
Rank: 6th Kyu (Green)
Kata for Grading: Pinan Sandan
Rank: 5th Kyu (Blue)
Kata for Grading: Pinan Shodan
Rank: 4th Kyu (Purple Stripe)
Kata for Grading: Pinan Yondan
Rank: 4th Kyu Tab (Purple)
Kata for Grading: Pinan Godan
Rank: 3rd Kyu (Brown Stripe)
Kata for Grading: Jitte
Rank: 3rd Kyu Tab (Brown Stripe)
Kata for Grading: TBC
Rank: 2nd Kyu (Brown Stripe)
Kata for Grading: TBC
Rank: 2nd Kyu Tab (Brown Stripe)
Kata for Grading: TBC
Rank: 1st Kyu (Brown)
Kata for Grading: TBC
Rank: 1st Kyu Tab (Brown)
Kata for Grading: TBC
Rank: 1st Dan [Ni-Dan] (Black or Red for Juniors)
Kata for Grading: TBC