Sensei Julian Mallalieu

Sensei Julian Mallalieu 7th Dan is the head instructor at Tameside Karate, he is a well respected and established figure in martial arts, with over 45 years experience in martial arts training. Sensei Julian is also the Joint Head National Kata Coach for the English Karate Federation.

Sensei Julian

Tameside Karate, we guide our students towards becoming proficient, confident and genuine Karateka (Karate Practitioners). Always promoting courtesy, respect and self control.

At Tameside Karate we also Teach Traditional Weapons (Kobudo) Bo, Kama, Nunchuku, Eku Bo, Sai and Tonfa as well at Batto-Do. So there is something for everyone. We hold Kobudo Classes at Stalybridge and Ashton Dojo's.

Tameside Karate is committed to teaching Karate Do in a conscientious, respectful and principle led environment. We respect the dignity and rights of every student in our dojo. All students at Tameside Karate are treated equally regardless of age, ability, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, sexuality and social status. All of our students have the responsibility to oppose discriminatory attitudes and to promote equality and opportunity, both inside and outside of the dojo.