At Tameside Karate, our mission is to support your child in unlocking their full potential, fostering skills that extend far beyond the dojo. The Little Dragons program is tailored to enhance your child's fundamental motor skills, learning capabilities, and attentive listening – crucial building blocks for a confident and enthusiastic approach to life.

Why are the ages 4 to 6 so important? It's during this crucial developmental period that our lessons engage your child's imagination and stimulate positive growth in an enjoyable and motivating environment.

Our curriculum is designed to deliver a blend of physical and mental benefits, encompassing:

  1. Focus: Elevating listening and reaction skills, paving the way for improved concentration at school and attentive behaviour at home.
  2. Teamwork: Cultivating character to foster new friendships and instil leadership qualities, setting the stage for a well-rounded future.
  3. Control: Building confidence through discipline, resulting in sound decision-making abilities.
  4. Balance: A foundational skill for young ones engaging in various physical activities, promoting good balance and posture from the outset.
  5. Memory: Exercising the mind early on contributes to intellectual sharpness and informed decision-making.
  6. Discipline: Our approach makes discipline enjoyable and rewarding, instilling a sense of pride in doing the right thing and improved adherence to directions.
  7. Fitness: Educating your child on the merits of a healthy, active lifestyle, channelling that abundant energy into positive physical pursuits.
  8. Co-ordination: From distinguishing left from right to becoming adept participants in sports and other activities, our program hones their physical coordination.

Little Dragon lessons serve as a valuable foundation for your child's transition to the Junior class, ensuring a seamless and prepared progression. Join us in nurturing not just skilled martial artists, but confident, disciplined, and well-rounded individuals ready to embrace life's challenges.

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