The five basic kata that you'll first learn at Tameside Karate. Heian Katas are a series of five foundational karate forms or patterns. They are commonly taught in many traditional karate styles and serve as a fundamental training tool for beginners.

The Heian Katas are also known as Pinan Katas in some styles. The five Heian Katas are as follows:Heian Shodan (Pinan Nidan): This is the first kata in the series and introduces basic stances, blocks, and punches. Heian Nidan (Pinan Shodan): The second kata focuses on introducing stepping and turning movements, along with new techniques. Heian Sandan (Pinan Sandan): The third kata incorporates more complex combinations and emphasizes fluid movements. Heian Yondan (Pinan Yondan): The fourth kata builds upon the techniques from previous katas and adds new sequences and variations. Heian Godan (Pinan Godan): This is the final kata in the series and challenges practitioners with more advanced techniques and intricate footwork. The Heian Katas are essential for developing a solid foundation in karate and building upon the basic principles of the art. Each kata progressively increases in complexity, providing students with a gradual learning experience. Practicing these katas helps improve balance, coordination, focus, and overall understanding of karate techniques.